I have questions about using the AutoAuth service at

Please check the FAQ below or call 888-830-AUTH (888-830-2884).




1. Pricing
What is the price for AutoAuth service?
2. User Sign up and User Account Management
How do I sign up?
How do I log in to my account?
I cannot log in to my account.
I received a “User is not confirmed” popup when trying to log in.
I registered but I didn’t receive a confirmation email.
I forgot my password.
I forgot my username.
How do I accept or reject an invitation to join a shop?
How do I change my username?
How do I change my first or last name?
How do I change the email address associated with my account?
How do I change my account password?
3. Service Center Registration
How do I register a service center (shop)?
My card was declined. What do I do?
I received a “Processor Network Unavailable” message.
4. Managing Service Center Tools
How do I add tools to my shop?
Why is my tool not available under the list of Manufacturers/Models?
How many tools can I add to my shop?
When trying to add a tool, I get a message: “This tool is already assigned to a shop!”
How do I view the tools in my shop?
How do I remove tools from my shop?
5. Managing Service Center Users
How do I add a user to my shop?
User is not found, even though they have already registered.
When searching for a user to add to a shop, I receive a message: “This user is already associated with this shop”.
After adding a user to my shop, their status says “Pending”.
How many users can I add to my shop?
How can I increase the maximum shop user count?
How do I view the users in my shop?
How do I remove a user from my shop?
How do I deactivate / disable a user in my shop?
How do I reactivate / enable a user in my shop?
6. Service Center Account Information
How do I change my shop name?
How do I update my payment info / credit card?
When does my subscription end?
How do I find my receipt/invoice?
7. Viewing Reports
How do I view Stats and Trends Reports?
How do I view the shop activity report?
How do I view the tool activity report?