I have questions about using the AutoAuth service at

Please check the FAQ below or use our Answer Bot for quick assistance, found in the bottom right corner of each page.

For support by email, please ask the Answer Bot for a support ticket.

For support by phone, call 888-830-AUTH between the hours of 8am-5pm EST Mon-Fri. Limited support is available outside of these hours.

I have questions about using a tool or website other than

For information on tool configuration, compatibility, errors, and other tool related topics, please contact the manufacturer. See below for contact information.

asTech: 1-888-486-1166
Ateq TPMS Tools LC: USA (English): 888-621-8767 (TPMS)Canada (English/French): 877-666-5325
Autel: 855-Autel-US (288-3587)

Belron: 1-888-812-3275

Bosch: 1-855-BoschTech (1-855-267-2483)

CAS: 1-877-263-4897 (Tech Support Ext. 3)

COJALI: 1-305-960-7651

Toll-Free: 1 800 975 1865

Harbor Freight: 877-987-4248

Hunter: 1-314-731-0000

Innova Electronics: 800-544-4124

Launch: 1-877-528-6249

Mac Tools: 1-800-MACTOOLS

MAHLE Service Solutions: 800-468-2321
Matco Tools: 1-877-853-3738
Mitchell: 1-888-789-2602

NEXIQ Technologies: 1-800-639-6774

Opus IVS:
(Formerly AutoEnginuity)

OTC: 1-888-789-2602

Safelite: 1-888-812-3275

Service Lane eAdvisor: 1-866-484-4777

Snap-On: 800-424-7226

TEXA: 855-200-8392

THINKCAR: 1-909-321-5665

Topdon: 1-833-629-4832

Xtooltech Co: 909-376-7937




1. Pricing
What is the price for AutoAuth service?
2. User Sign up and User Account Management
How do I sign up?
How do I log in to my account?
I cannot log in to my account.
I received a “User is not confirmed” popup when trying to log in.
I registered but I didn’t receive a confirmation email.
I forgot my password.
I forgot my username.
How do I accept or reject an invitation to join a shop?
How do I change my username?
How do I change my first or last name?
How do I change the email address associated with my account?
How do I change my account password?
3. Service Center Registration
How do I register a service center (shop)?
My card was declined. What do I do?
I received a “Processor Network Unavailable” message.
4. Managing Service Center Tools
How do I add tools to my shop?
Why is my tool not available under the list of Manufacturers/Models?
How many tools can I add to my shop?
When trying to add a tool, I get a message: “This tool is already assigned to a shop!”
How do I view the tools in my shop?
How do I remove tools from my shop?
5. Managing Service Center Users
How do I add a user to my shop?
User is not found, even though they have already registered.
When searching for a user to add to a shop, I receive a message: “This user is already associated with this shop”.
After adding a user to my shop, their status says “Pending”.
How many users can I add to my shop?
How can I increase the maximum shop user count?
How do I view the users in my shop?
How do I remove a user from my shop?
How do I deactivate / disable a user in my shop?
How do I reactivate / enable a user in my shop?
6. Service Center Account Information
How do I change my shop name?
How do I update my payment info / credit card?
When does my subscription end?
How do I find my receipt/invoice?
7. Viewing Reports
How do I view Stats and Trends Reports?
How do I view the shop activity report?
How do I view the tool activity report?